Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jgn biarkan diri anda dibogelkan...

This email is to be
circulated for all girls
and ladies - MUST
Hi lady friends,
The next time when you
see someone (stranger)
using a Digital Video
Cam or Digital Camera
pointing at you, don't
think you are pretty and
You are in danger in
fact!! You might land
yourself as a "starring"
or "porn actress" in the
XXX web-sites showing
your naked body all over
the world unawared.
There are many pervert
people doing this
Don't think they are just
tourists or reporters.
Please be awakened and
alert when you are doing
shopping in Big Malls,
Airports, LRT Stations,
Cinemas, Beaches, Hotels
so forth.......!!!!
Nowadays, technology in
using high-tech cameras
fixed with a type of lens
called PF LENS, which can
see through clothings.
The PF LENS is able to
see through most types
of clothes, for example,
thin clothes, tight
clothes, sun dresses,
swimsuits and so forth.
Be awared that this
means that the person
taking a snap on you can
actually see your naked
body both "upper &
underpart" through the
external garment. In
other words, the PF Lens
allows the camera man
to "see through"
someone's clothes.
Suggest that whenever
you suspect some
strangers holding a
camera or Digicam
pointing at you, try to
avoid facing him (face to
face). Quickly use your
handbag or any shopping
bags in hand to cover
your whole front body (in
case), Next, escape from
the scene as soon as
possible. This is to save a
situation from landing
yourself into the hands of
evil. Recently, many girls
and housewives' naked
photo were vastly
distributed in the
internet websites
without them knowing.
Perverts intentionally
move around places
where ladies usually
frequent and took their
nude shots.
Imagine, one day your
male friend come to you
and tell you, he saw your
naked pose in the web,
how are you to face the
situation????? Please
take this as something
very important and don't
take this lightly in order
to save a shameful and
distress situation.....!!!!!!
Finally, If you are
concern with many of
your good lady friends,
please make an effort to
forward this message to
them so that they are
also saved from being
victims of those perverts
preying around them

So.. Hati² la kpd semua kwn² gwa kat luar sana.. Jgn jd mangsa.. Nanti x pasal² gambar korang berada dlm keadaan yg kurang senonoh kat internet ni..

PF Lens ni memang power.. Bleh penetrate throu garment.. Kalau ambik gambar air coke yg itam tu, coke jd mcm air kosong je..

1 lg gwa nak ckp kat sini, kalau xde PF Lense, sebenarnya kamera yg bleh ambik gambar mcm ni sgt la mudah nak dibuat.. X yah modal pape.. Gwa dah cuba.. Menjadi..

Ni contoh gambar yg diambil menggunakan lens tu..

Sebelum guna Pf lens..


Ink yg itam legam tu bleh tembus.. Baju?

Ada gambar yg lg 1.. Tp x yah la gwa letak kat sini..


Next time kalau ada org yg x dikenali hala kamera kat lu.. Pandai2 ar eyh..

16 whooperz:

Mimie.Candy Cane said...

nasib baik takde yg berminat nak hala kamera dorang kat badan langsing gua ni

eqacashperlala said...


Whoopz said...

Mimie : nasib baik.. Kalau nasib x baik? :)

Eqa : memang mengerikan.. Hati2..

adrinaqamarina said...

sebab tu dah lama tak letak gambar. haish.

biussaraf said...

so kire2nye gadis2 harus berhati2 ngan ko la...haha

Whoopz said...

Qama : letak gambar xpe kot..

Bius : hahah.. Yea la kot.. Tp kamera tu dah xde..

teddyuna said...

wa,.. trimas la wat entry ni baru una tahu..

teddyuna said...

wa,.. trimas la wat entry ni baru una tahu..

~fisha~ said...

eeuuuww.. tak patut nye.. adoi. macam2.

larradanish said...

aduhhhh..semua dah tak selamat ni kiranya..kene hati hati n alert sekeliling bila kuar umah.thanks..share gud info whoopz.

Umie Nadhirah said...

so dangerous ooo itu benda (slang cina pasar)

crazy_labelle said...

ak jalan xtgk org... so cmne nak prasan?

aLya said...

diorg nie mcam2 la..
cm da xde keje..huhu

nurul huda said...

erk membahayakan!!


Redbloodsnow said...

tuh lah yg bahaya nyer bila technology It di salah gune...hemprhh

LiErOSe~QiEmi said...

weh dasat!!!!!!! dah la aku ni pantang nengok orang pegang kamera, mula la nak bergambar.. harus hati2..