Saturday, October 31, 2009


Kakak.. Rasanya mcm aku da p0st gambar ni.. Malas aku nak belek2 p0sting2 yg lelama.. Aku ske gambar neh..

Friday, October 30, 2009

Für wie oft muss ich alle Schulden nehmen??? Sind ich dass schlecht in Ihren Augen? Im so sory für was happenened gestern Abend, was jemals geschah.. Meine Liebe wird nie enden!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sanggul Nona Singapura

K0rang penah tgk p0k0k ni? Namanya mcm kat atas tu ar.. Ntah mana yg mcm sanggul pun aku x taw.. Tapi itu la nama yg jiran aku ckp.. Ni ar 1st time aku tgk p0k0k ni,. Agak2 ada x bunga sempena nama malaysia? Bunga raya? Bukan k0t..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whoopz! He did it again! The 9th world motogp championship!

Rossi has now won nine world titles, including the 125cc and 250cc championships in 1997 and 1999 respectively. There was plenty of drama on track. The start of the 21-lap race was delayed for 35 minutes after an earlier downpour. A problem during the sighting lap for Lorenzo resulted in the Spaniard failing to join the starting grid in time and he was relegated to start from the back. It made little difference as Lorenzo charged up to overtake pole sitter Rossi before eventually finishing the race in fourth place. Rossi had a sluggish start and dropped to 10th as Stoner established a four-second lead at the front over Pedrosa after just two laps. However, Rossi made his way up to fourth after eight laps and was third after Honda rider Andrea Dovizioso slid off in the next lap. From then on, he played it safe to seal the title chase. The Italian later showed his delight in retaining the world title by doing a wheelie all the way to the finish line before joining his friends at the side of the track for a short celebration, involving a chicken dressed in the Italian’s blue and yellow colours. On the celebration, the 30-year-old Rossi explained: “In Italy, we say an old chicken makes good soup but can no longer lay eggs. I am like the old chicken ... 30 years now ... but I have another egg. That’s nine.” He did not hide the magnitude of his feat. “It’s a great achievement and for me it’s the ninth championship in all classes,” he said. Rossi also paid special tribute to his 22 year-old team-mate, who pushed him all the way in the world championship battle. “Throughout the season, I had great rivals. At the end, especially my team- mate Jorge, who stayed very close to me, and we had some great fights.”

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hari jadi Sultan

R0nda2 ke pekan hari ni.. 0rg tua aku sibuk nak tgk 0rg jual kat tepi padang mdp tu.. 0rg tua aku memang tiap2 tahun masa hari jadi sultan pahang dia mesti nak ke pekan.. Dah jadi tradisi dia sejak dia kecik lg katanya.. S0 aku layan je la.. Leh gak aku mengenang mem0ri lama.. Hahaha.. Mula2 aku g rumah sewa aku dulu.. Dah xde rupanya.. Dah wat rumah laen kat ctu.. Then aku trus je pegi tempat 0rg jual2 kat bwh can0py tu.. Abes r0nda ctu aku bwk mak aku g makan kat begadang.. Lama bt0l x mkn nasik ayam kat cni.. Tp da x sdp mcm dulu.. Dulu aku slalu makan kat ctu kalau nak mkn nasik ayam.. Lps mkn trus blk kd k0ntan.. Mak aku nak sh0pping lg.. Bwk dia g parks0n.. 0rg ramai gler.. Aku antar je dkt parks0n.. Aku suruh anak2 buah aku esc0rt mak.. Aku g taman esplanade.. Parking xde.. Aku lepak esplanade sambil bertenet.. Heheh.. Nasib baek ada lapt0p dlm b0net.. N masa aku type neh.. Aku kat umah akak aku kat gambang.. Tengah tunggu kakak aku masak 4 dinner.. Lap0r weyh... Akak aku da panggil makan tu.. Babai...

The new perodua mpv! Juz lyk his sibling 'WISH'! Kalau tgk dr dpn mcm pass0 aka Myvi.. Memang m0del asalnya m0del pass0.. Pass0 sette a.k.a pass0 seven.. Dgr cte harga dlm 66k je.. Abes la ex0ra.. Hehe..

Neh bahagian dashb0ard plak.. Gear mcm wish.. Meter panel lg cantik dr wish.. 3 butt0n yg sebelah gear tu nampak mcm mengar0t sket.. Nape x wat push butt0n je.. Digital! Canggih ar sket.. D0or trim cantik.. Mmg best meng0men menda yg da siap neh.. Haha

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nurse lagi..

Nampak x nurse yg duk bersandar tu? Actualy ada 2 0rg.. Yg s0rang cun gler.. Bukan cun + gler k.. Yg s0rang lg tu cun gak.. Tp 'senget' sket.. Tolak patient pakai wheel chair siap ada s0und effect lg.. Dia lalu tepi aku siap ada s0und drift.. Peramah lak tu.. Sempat gak dia mengar0t ngan aku masa dia 0ffer nak meng 'wheel chair' kan mak member aku tu.. Bgs gak ada nurse mcm g2.. Ceria je suasana ward tu.. Xde la muram sgt.. Thanxs t0 u cik nurse 7c.. Keep up da gud w0rks..



Kucing... (Pelak0n utama.. Ntah apa kenama kucing ni xtaw la.. Aku snap pic ni kat kedai abu td..) ketam (pelak0n tambahan a.k.a mr crab fr0m bikini b0tt0m)

Kucing kata kat ketam 'kenapa kaki k0 kat kepala?' ketam ke'kaget'tan.. Kenapa kucing kurang keajaran kegituan.. 'Keh keh keh' kucing ketawa.. Ketam kebingungan.. 'Kuat kutuk keturunan kucing kurap' kata ketam.. Kucing ketawa kegelian kehatian(?).. Kah kah kah.. 'Kurap?' kata kucing.. Kucing keliaran keliling ketam.. Ketam kungfu kucing..kungfu kepit.. Kucing kesakitan.. Ketam ketawa.. K0h k0h k0h.. Kata ketam 'k0 kucing kurang keadapan! Kes0panan!'

M0ral 0f the st0ry..
Kalau jumpa ketam jgn kutuk2 dia.. Ambik wat masak l0mak cili ape je..

Keterimaan kekasihan...

Pasal n0 device smlm dah settle.. Thanxs t0 my sifu mr.tr0jan.. Tr0jan? Heheh.. Deep inside indeed he is a 'tr0jan'

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

N0 device?

Adeh.. Nape yg kat c0mpaq asyik n0 device je? Any0ne can help?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


C0mey2 nurse kat cni.. Nak ambik gamb0r depan tak0t kant0i.. Hahaha

An evening in Kuantan..


... . . .

Nuttin t0 say.. Jiwa kacau..

Monday, October 19, 2009

I remember how it used
to be...
Where nothing else
mattered but you and
Candies, walks, gifts, and
Long term Talks.
I miss you, I wish you
could see...
How much I think about
you and me...
I remember when you
said, I was your
everything. I remember
when you mean's that
too. Now, when you say
it, it's more like a
phrase. And ur sweet
nothings, make me cry
more over you.
Those days when you'd
call just to say hi..Back
when it was so hard just
to say goodbye.
Down my heart, there
forms a crack.
It was created a little
while ago... Because of
how much I want you
The old you, the one I
thought I knew.
For all of these years, we
went from being friends
to being in love...
It seems to me, now, like
We're none of the above.
I want to let go...but
then I can't...
I know I should...If only I
I have tried and tried.
The endless solution; I
cried and cried.
Tears of pain and tears
of hope...
It was these times I need
you just to cope.
You turn around and hurt
me bad, you spin my
heart, and make me sad.
Your actions don't stop
and yet I forgive you
everytime...I wish I could
say that you are only
Don't you miss me, don't
you care? Stop! I'm over
here, Yes, I know they
are there. You remind
me everyday that other
girls are hot. I know, I
see, I'm sorry I'm not.
Your friends baby why do
you follow? They are
ignorant, rude, and
immature. A year gone
by I thought being with
me could be the cure.
I go away and there you
are... Pretending like I
was never there, just
because I went
somewhere far. Far
away, and you kill the
heart...It's all your fault,
you tore me apart. We
were supposed to start
new and be okay...To
hard, I guess, because
you ruined it in under
one day!
Isn't the love that I have
to give enough to help us
through? Why can't it be
enough baby I'm so in
love with you? I guess as
time goes on and it
What was once your
everything, is all you
have to loose.
I remember how it used
to be...
Where nothing else
mattered but you and
Those times, When time
simply stood still...
and we kissed, that
perfect kiss .
Why did he take it away
from me? It's because
that is how reality is.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Quite frankly, I don't
think "time" is the
The real problem is the
number of activities or
tasks that we take on. A
sign of our time is that
we forget how to say
"no", and take on far too
many things.
Our time is like jam, the
more you try to spread
it, the thinner it gets. We
need to be realistic
about the amount of
time we have available.
We need to maintain a
proper balance in our life
by allocating the time we
have. There are
occasions where saying
no is the best time
management practice
there is. We need to
determine what
activities best utilize our
time in order to achieve
the results we desire in
all areas of our life!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Doin' that thing you do,
Breaking my heart into a
million pieces,
Like you always do
And you,
Don't mean to be cruel,
You never even knew
about the heartache,
I've been going through
Well I try and try to
forget you girl,
But it's just so hard to
Every time you do that
thing you do
Know all the games you
And I'm gonna find a way
to let you know that,
You'll be mine someday
'Cause we,
Could be happy can't you
If you'd only let me be
the one to hold you,
And keep you here with
'Cause I try and try to
forget you girl,
But it's just so hard to
Every time you do that
thing you do
I don't ask a lot girl,
But I know one thing's
for sure,
It's the love I haven't got
And I just can't take it
'Cause we,
Could be happy can't you
If you'd only let me be
the one to hold you,
And keep you here with
Cause it hurts me so just
to see you go,
Around with someone
And if I know you you're
doin' that thing,
Every day just doin' that
I can't take you doing
that thing you do

Saturday, October 03, 2009


Fairuz a.k.a puyuh.. Kwn aku.. Ape pun kawan tetap kawan.. Skrg dia x sht sket.. Schiz0prenia.. Sian kat dia.. Walaupun luaran nampak happy je.. Tp hakikatnya dia skt.. Tp xde la teruk sgt.. Dia stil taw jaga penampilan diri.. Bercakap pun xde la melalut sgt.. Dulu mamat ni salah s0rang dak genius masa kat sek0lah.. Keje pun 0k.. Kat petr0nas.. Assistant manager.. Gaji dah 5/6 ribu.. Tp ntah mana silapnya tiba2 je jumpa dia dlm keadaan mcm gini.. Selalu gak aku minum2 ngan dia.. Layan dia b0rak.. Mcm2 crita kuar dr mulut dia.. Ser0n0k je dgr.. Kekadang ketawa kami sama kuat, 0rg keliling pandang je.. Lantak lar.. Aku x penah pandang dia seperti mana kebanyakan 0rg2 kampung pandang dia.. Aku juz anggap dia x sht je.. Kekadang b0rak dia masih diselitkan ayat2 0rang putih.. Lancar je.. X tersekat pun.. Kagum gak aku ngan mamat ni.. Aku selalu nasihatkan dia supaya jgn tinggal ubt.. Kena mkn selalu.. Harap2 suatu hari nanti dia akn sembuh.. InsyaAllah...

P/s: dah lama gambar ni aku publish.. Tp x sempat nak type2.. Bz sgt lately..
Pic yg plg bwh tu the 0nly 'd0kumen' yg ada pada fairuz.. Ada gambar bas warna ijau.. Rumah warna biru.. N tulisan jawi yg ntah sape tulis.. Sign kat bwh surat tu tertulis.. -Waris Sultan Pahang- ishk... Lantak la k0 puyuh.. Janji x kac0 0rg sudah..