Monday, October 19, 2009

I remember how it used
to be...
Where nothing else
mattered but you and
Candies, walks, gifts, and
Long term Talks.
I miss you, I wish you
could see...
How much I think about
you and me...
I remember when you
said, I was your
everything. I remember
when you mean's that
too. Now, when you say
it, it's more like a
phrase. And ur sweet
nothings, make me cry
more over you.
Those days when you'd
call just to say hi..Back
when it was so hard just
to say goodbye.
Down my heart, there
forms a crack.
It was created a little
while ago... Because of
how much I want you
The old you, the one I
thought I knew.
For all of these years, we
went from being friends
to being in love...
It seems to me, now, like
We're none of the above.
I want to let go...but
then I can't...
I know I should...If only I
I have tried and tried.
The endless solution; I
cried and cried.
Tears of pain and tears
of hope...
It was these times I need
you just to cope.
You turn around and hurt
me bad, you spin my
heart, and make me sad.
Your actions don't stop
and yet I forgive you
everytime...I wish I could
say that you are only
Don't you miss me, don't
you care? Stop! I'm over
here, Yes, I know they
are there. You remind
me everyday that other
girls are hot. I know, I
see, I'm sorry I'm not.
Your friends baby why do
you follow? They are
ignorant, rude, and
immature. A year gone
by I thought being with
me could be the cure.
I go away and there you
are... Pretending like I
was never there, just
because I went
somewhere far. Far
away, and you kill the
heart...It's all your fault,
you tore me apart. We
were supposed to start
new and be okay...To
hard, I guess, because
you ruined it in under
one day!
Isn't the love that I have
to give enough to help us
through? Why can't it be
enough baby I'm so in
love with you? I guess as
time goes on and it
What was once your
everything, is all you
have to loose.
I remember how it used
to be...
Where nothing else
mattered but you and
Those times, When time
simply stood still...
and we kissed, that
perfect kiss .
Why did he take it away
from me? It's because
that is how reality is.

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