Wednesday, February 15, 2012

pls.. Stop complainin'...

Friday, February 03, 2012


sumtimes i juz couldnt walk away from th0se memories...

U live in me.. Keep 0n scratchin' the sweet old days between us..

The way u walk..

N those funny talk.. :)

the song.. 'lizards on the wall'


damn! I miss all that..

Till the end of time.. U ll always b there..

In a very special place ..

My heart..

I think...that when I die, I
can breathe back the breath
that made me live.. I can give
back to the world all that I
didn't do. All that I might
have been and couldn't be.
All the choices that I didn't
make... All the things that I
lost and and spent and
wasted.. I can give them back
to the world. To the lives
that haven't been lived yet..
That will be my gift back to
the world that gave me the
life I did live, the love I loved,
the breath I

s i b