Saturday, July 31, 2010

trapped under ice..

I don't know how to live
through this hell..
Woken up, I'm still
locked in this shell
Frozen soul, frozen down
to the core

Break the ice, I can't
take anymore

Can't move at all
Can't hear my call
I am dying to live
Cry out
I'm trapped under ice
Crystallized, as I lay here
and rest
Eyes of glass stare
directly at death
From deep sleep I have
broken away
No one knows, no one
hears what I say...

Scream from my soul
mystified, forever more
Scream from my soul
mystified, forever more
No release from my
cryonic state
What is this? I've been
stricken by fate
Wrapped up tight,
cannot move, can't break
Hand of doom has a tight
grip on me

Mode : fak-tap

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8 whooperz:

raina said...


raina said...

meh nak letak jubo dia atas dapur gas! kasi cair..tak payah trap trap dah.. :P

Whoopz said...

Raina : wei.. Ape jubo2 neh.. Lucah.. :p

raina said...

yang...rindu neh..:P
pi pasar malam hapa lama sangat?
bli mamam ka usha awek juai apom balik???

b.r.u.t.a.l.s.o.l.o said...

jangan nati tak berak

Noor said...

sy menterjemahkan entry ini dgn definisi berbeza
bila baca
sy teringat kamu

hellioz said...

ni ape cer neyh?

meyh ckp gwa meyh...

raina said...

saya juga teringat dia
ramai sungguh orang teringat sam, ya?