Monday, July 11, 2011

how do you channel ur frustration?

Think it out - When you begin to
feel angry -- sit down, relax and
then try to think about how you
can solve the issue.
Talk it out - Talk to a friend,
coach, counselor, or a church
member. Expressing your anger
by talking to someone about it is
a great way to get the anger out.
out - Keep a journal about your
feelings. It really helps to get
your feeling out of our head and
heart and onto paper.
Let it out - Find a place that is
secluded and SCREAM!! Yes, let
it out - you can scream into a
pillow, punch a pillow or stomp.
Sometimes a good temper
tantrum is in order.
Channel it out - Find some
creative way to channel your
feelings. Listen to music, paint,
turn on the music and dance!
There are many ways to
creatively channel out anger.
Chill out - Try listening to
calming music, taking in slow
deep breaths, meditating or
doing yoga.(?)
Work it out - Do something
physical. Get out and run, go to
the gym or go for a brisk walk.
Please keep in mind that anger
isn't always a bad emotion but
sometimes the way we deal with
our anger is bad. There are
many times where anger can be
good and is quite appropriate. At
can be protection from allowing
other people to manipulate or
dominate us. It can also motivate
us to take action when needed...

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