Monday, January 11, 2010

L + T = ?

0kay 'class' t0day we learn ab0ut 'big cats'

This is a li0n.. The king 0f the jungle and a really g0od frenz 0f mr tarzan..

..and this is an0ther 'big cat' called Tiger a.k.a bengal tiger...

N this is wut happened if we put 1 h0rny male li0n n 1 h0rny female tiger in 0ne cage..

A few m0nths later..

taadaaaa....presenting t0 u ladies n gentleman.. 'Mr Liger'

HUGE isn't?? U g0t a 1000 p0und 'cat'.. that was really2 big ayte?

A liger is the 0ffspring 0f
a li0n and a tigress.. It is
bigger than either
parent, 10 - 12 ft in
length - making it the
biggest hybrid cat and,
f0r many pe0ple, the
m0st fascinating.. L
Reisinger(1929) rep0rted
a male liger as weighing
as much as b0th parents
Ligers vary in
appearance depending
0n h0w the genes
interact and 0n which
subspecies 0f li0n and
tiger are bred t0gether..
Acc0rding t0 AP Gray in
Mammalian Hybrids.. the
basic c0l0ur 0f li0n/tiger
hybrids is pale 0chre t0
rust yell0w-br0wn.. m0re
intensive than in the li0n..
but paler than in the
tiger and with tiger
striping. The mane of the
males devel0ps late and
is sh0rter than that 0f a
li0n.. In general.. males
gr0w sparse le0nine
manes and the facial ruff
0f a tiger.. Males and
females have sp0tted
bellies and a striped
back.. They r0ar like li0ns
and "chuff" like tigers...
The females exhibit
c0nflicting needs f0r
li0ness-like sisterh0od
and tigress-like s0litude.
Ligers have n0 scientific
name.. but Panthera le0 X
tigris has been p0sited....

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