Tuesday, July 24, 2012

sara said..

Just recently, I’ve tried to stay as
positive as possible. I realize that
negativity takes a lot out of you
and worry will drive you nuts. So
to counter this, I try to always
compare a negative with a
positive and deal with worry by
relaxing and realizing that worry,
won’t change an outcome.
Someone once said to me that
happiness is a choice. You can
either let life get you down or
you can stay uplifted in times of
trouble. Surrounding yourself
with positive people will help you
remain optimistic too. Granted a
good cry is a great form of
release but keep your spirits up
and move on. Choose to be

-sara LiteFm

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izzati husna said...

hai whoopz!! lama una tak datang sini :)

Whoopz said...

hai una.. Welcome back.. Heheh.. :)